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My Philosophy

You just landed on the most colorful page, belonging to the most colorful person who loves 

“to live on top of the world”. I am Valentina Cirasola, interior/fashion designer trained in Italy and in the USA. 

I am an expert in color analysis in both fields, interiors, and fashion. I have been in business for three decades and now only consults online about colors, styling homes, and personal images. 


Let’s talk about the home first and how I see it. Home is one of the most important investment people make in life and it becomes a fundamental area of life. Home is a cocoon where we return to relax, and it lifts us up in time of crisis. For most people a home is the center of their universe, a place where to grow a family, meet friends, entertain, and find a lot of the answers to questions of life. 


People find a new balance when the spaces they live in are in tune with their lifestyle and personality, from there the step of living in style without breaking the bank is very short.
How do I define style? 


Style is an abstract idea and a very personal perception of the eye. I would say style is an unusual ability to combine an ensemble of ideas in creative and original ways, where colors are the main protagonists and comfort is the primary element. Colors are life and go hand in hand with good lighting.


With the right colors and the correct lighting people can feel energized or calm, and even concentrated whichever might be the case.  At night, the right colors and the correct lighting create beautiful atmospheres and embrace you in coziness. 

I am known for timeless fantasy designs. I like to preserve the history and character of the house and like to do makeover on upcycled furniture to give them a second life and timeless aesthetic. 


Colors We Wear

If we talk about the colors we wear, they vibrate life as well. Only when they are combined in harmony with our body texture, they will illuminate our body and personality.   

I am known for colors, colors, colors. My passion for colors will lead you into a new world where you will be transformed into a new energy and will never want to go back into the obscurity of dullness.   

My goal is to touch and transform people’s lives whether I am decorating a house or restyling your wardrobe and your personal image. Just remember you only have a split of a second to make a first impression. What people see immediately is your outer shell, not your brain, not your idea, not your lovely personality, nor your good deeds.
In that split of a second you must visually communicate who you are. You can be dressed extravagantly or in a classic style it doesn’t matter, either way, if you are well put together, your outer shell will communicate a good impression, people will want to get closer to you and get to know you immediately. If that is the case, you have created a magnet effect and doors will open easily for you.

The entry landing of your home, your curb appeal, and your foyer also determine your first impression, they are the first areas your guests will see. 


You see whether I decorate a home or restyle your personal image, the goal is the same:
designs that make you feel confident and welcome others into your life.
A writer uses words, a chef uses ingredients, a painter uses colors, a musician uses notes. I use colors, shapes, line, forms, texture, material, accessories and my expert eye to create your vision, your dream home or personal image, the comfort needed to express your personality in a natural way and all within your budget.  


After 30 years of dedication to my design business and experience on the fields as an interior/fashion designer, I decided to work smarter and not harder.
Now, I offer design consultations online and it is as simple as saying 1-2-3.
I meet my clients from all over the world on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, or FaceTime, and conduct my design business from my studio.

All the work shown in the circles display above represent only a small part of my 30 years of work as an interior designer.  


I am the author of 6 books, two of which are about colors philosophy.

Author’s Page: amazon.com/author/valentinacirasola

Books available in paperback and Kindle on: 

Amazon – http://goo.gl/xUZfk0 and

Barnes & Noble – http://goo.gl/q7dQ3w

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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is therefore not an act, but a habit.