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I am Valentina, the owner, and principal of Valentina - Interiors & Designs, my international designing firm established in 1990. I have had quite interesting projects during my career, have worked with a variegated group of beautiful people and received quite a few awards and recognitions. I am Italian born, educated in both Europe and the United States and expatriate to the US some years ago. My services are directed exclusively to the clientele who appreciate my work as a form of art and love my ideas. In my practice, I focus on the client’s world and I design following their dreams and needs. In many publications, it has been said that my success is my ability as an artist to create the unexpected to stimulate my client's emotions. To translate that in simple words, I would have to say that: 1. I can resolve any design challenges people might have. 2. People buy my services because: A. my style is the customer's personal style. B. I involve my clients in every decision and I help them facilitating those decisions. I help clients obtain what they want and need. C. My motto is integrity, honesty, and sincerity. Being also an authentic, easy-going and sociable designer, the design process becomes a very easy and pleasant one. 3. My design work is directed towards bringing added value to my client’s homes, exceeding their expectations and save them money while they enjoy the class and luxury I have put into their homes. 4. The final rewards for my Clients are: A. "I am a long term investment and not a short term expense". B. The spaces I create for them are larger, functional, colorful and will nurture their souls/vital forces, thus I transform their lives.

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Music, Space, Mind

Noise and sound are two different things. The sound is measurable information, which travels on a wave. Noise travels through the floor and bounces from the walls. Read more

Porter’s Chair

I saw this pair of dome chairs at the Art Mart Exhibition, in San Francisco. They are real antiques and soon a thought came to my...
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Himalayan Salt Plates

I have purchased a couple of this Himalayan salt slab. Everything cooked on the salt slab is delicious and so healthy. It’s a whole new experience...
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Just Do It

Wow, I finally made it. Checkmark to another one of my dreams realized !!! My first TV show production under the label of Valentina Design Universe was...
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A Curtain Of Balls

Last week, I was in Seattle for a couple of speaking engagements. I talked about colors, how colors can affect us, our life, our deep emotions...
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