Colors and Emotions

What emotions do you feel in your home? Let’s say when you get up in the morning, do you feel energized, do you feel your mind is in the clutter, do you feel to fly away freely?
Do you wake up feeling sluggish and do you hear yourself saying ” gosh another day”?
Our first feelings start in the morning when we open our eyes. Aside from getting a good night sleep, part of positive feelings comes from what surrounds us in the bedroom.
We can salute the sun, pray, meditate, exercise, have a good breakfast, organized the day, but what hits our eyes first is Color.
No space will leave you completely indifferent, whether a room is designed, decorated, well cared for or not.  


Zodiac Colors

We live enclosed in those four walls we call “Home” , not in the wilderness, matter as well making those four walls our harmonious cocoon. How do we do that? We start surrounding ourselves with colors suitable to our zodiac sign and knowing the colors of the planets that revolved over the moment of our birth from which our personality traits took shape. If our colors are in tune with those planets, we feel coordinated with the cosmos and through the day those colors will help unconsciously our wellbeing and aesthetics.

Mood of a room

The mood of a room

In anything we do, the gamma of colors will help us creating a message, a mood, a feeling, a character, and especially harmony, which human being need to create a good life. If we don’t have these elements in our rooms it’s like living in a cardboard box, or worst if these elements are not present in the clothes we wear, we would feel like millions of hanging clothes that people touch with boredom and uncaring eyes. 

Atmosphere of a room

The atmosphere of a room



The playfulness of a room

Just think about the colors you wear. Ask yourself if they give justice to your texture and body shape;  are they right for you, do they emphasize your beautiful features?
It is the same when you enter your home, ask yourself if clutter and unattractive colors greet you. With your décor are you able to create a mood or the cozy atmosphere you seek for peace and relaxation? 

In my second book, Sins Of A Queen, I wrote that “Salt is the spice of food, attitude is the spice of life”, and in my design business colors and lighting are the spices of a home.

Atmosphere with lighting

Atmosphere with lighting

Creativity is not a gift for a group of a few chosen people only, it is a gift everyone has.
It is a mental capacity residing in all of us. We are creative in our everyday life, resolving problems and finding solutions. Finding our personal style is a process, it’s a study and a matter of learning techniques. Once we know how to create that personal style we are seeking, we can throw away the rules. Ciao,

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