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I am always regurgitating ideas to make someone’s home very special. Exactly, regurgitating is the right word, as my mind is a volcano constantly erupting. That’s the reason people rely on designers who can come up with many solutions. Are all ideas always accepted? Sometimes it happens they are not. To avoid confusion and misunderstanding, one of the important things a designer must do is to ask many questions to the client. The secret of what the client likes and dislikes lays in their answers and the designer will never go wrong in proposing the solutions. 
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Marble Pebble and Wood Planks

Marble Pebble and Wood Planks

This particular floor has been installed in a guest room. A French door opens to the small garden enclosed between four walls of the house and open to the sky. It even has windows from two other rooms looking in. It’s an atrium, a rare and very nice architectural feature. The only way to access this atrium is through the guest room. The French door leading out to this cute private area is on the right of this picture.

Using the marble pebbles in a curvy, fun shape determined the choice of floor color. 
My client didn’t want an expensive wood floor in a guest room that occasional guests will use, or else the rooms will be used to do some artwork or projects. The wood floor is made of engineered wood planks, meaning man-made material, easy to install and easy to care. Around the perimeter, the room will be illuminated with in-ground lights, which will create a beautiful warm glow behind the sofa and all the furniture. This is the way to create an atmosphere, exactly what I am known for.

I wanted to bring in the room the feeling of the garden atrium and keep it very Zen-like, with calm and soft colors, and a great illumination coming from different sources of original lamps. From France, the client brought large pillows with funky characters painted on. They will be perfect for the striped sofa. 


Furniture and texture board

Original lighting goes well with an original floor.

Guest Room Illumination

Guest Room Illumination


Exceptional solutions like this curvy floor are possible with this client. They are open to new things, they always ask me “why”and my answers reflect what they expect to hear, but only because I have studied them well. This is a successful relationship. 

I hope to have a chance to take a photo of this room before they run away again to another trip of six weeks long.


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