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My Plaque Received from Little Italy – San Jose, CA

I was awarded for my participation in the design concept of the Little Italy Archway in San Jose, CA –

I have had quite interesting projects during my career. From Italy to France and the USA I have worked with a variegated group of beautiful people and received quite a few awards and recognitions.

Now that you have read through my website and learned about my services, you might want to contact me, get to know me personally and get to know how I can help you realize your dream whether is a home, an office, or any other space you have in mind. We will meet online and talk about YOU, your vision, your desires, and your needs.

My goal is to transform people’s lives by changing their spaces or their personal images, they are equally important for the harmony of your soul and successful life. The results are that YOU, my client, will live in a beautiful home with comfortable spaces to nourish spirit and mind, or will have a stunning wardrobe to suit your personality and never go unobserved. You will be and feel in the center of your life.  

I am often described as “the colorist”. I live in colors and love to color my clients’ world. The books I wrote and published on the subject of colors:
©RED-A Voyage Into Colors, Second Edition
©Design Nature For A Colorful Home 
are a testimony of that. Find them here:

Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Passion, enthusiasm, and humor characterize my work and when the project is completed, I leave a comfortable luxury behind me or a stunning new YOU, whichever the case might be.  

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