A Curtain Of Balls

Last week, I was in Seattle for a couple of speaking engagements. I talked about colors, how colors can affect us, our life, our deep emotions and sometimes even a career.
The talks were successful and sold a good number of my books:
RED-A Voyage Into Colors – available on Amazon

While in Seattle, I took a few days for myself to be a tourist and enjoy a vibrant modern city. The first thing I did, was to hit the Pike Market. I love markets all over the world, they are bustling places, offering a variety of merchandise, from food to clothing, from jewelry to flowers, crafts, art and so much more. The atmosphere is lively, every vendor screams for their products and amateur musicians cheers the streets.

I saw a display of colorful blown glass balls (above) and I admire it for a while. The store sold the balls individually, but I thought, would it not be pretty to have an entire window filled with colorful glass balls?

I was envisioning the sun rays passing through each one making colorful reflections in the room, shimmering in vibrating motion as the balls turn with a soft breeze of wind.

I don’t have to go very far to imagine that. In my house, I have a similar display in my Venetian style bedroom. In the morning, I wake up with beautiful reflections of colors on the walls, which makes me feel vibrant, the day starts in a kaleidoscope and I am happy to be alive.

Whenever I turn in the room, I see the same reflection in mirrors positioned strategically to catch the light, the games of colors and the glass balls. The pleasure doubles.

Curtains in my spaces are unnecessary, I want to enjoy the greenery and the sun energy.
At night, I like to see the moon and count the stars. The colored glass balls are just perfect. Someone asked me how to keep the balls clean. I answered, clean them as you clean everything else or delegate. Ciao,

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