An Orange Christmas

This year, I have defied all Christmas rules. Many people don’t like orange, they associate it with Halloween or worst with prison orange, oh my, I heard them all. On the contrary to everyone, I have always liked orange for the vibrant energy which emanates. Think of the healthy effect of an orange and the fear of orange color immediately dissipates. If you can drink it, you can live it, period!!!

Orange in my Christmas décor looks really nice with gold balls in an aqua color glass bowl against a pale-yellow wall.

Burgundy or deep purple is gorgeous with orange. My flower arrangements will have some artificial orange flowers mixed with natural flowers, natural twigs, and sparkling glass beads.

The idea is not to overfill the house with orange color but to enhance it with opposite or complementary colors.

Of course, eating in the rainbow is my everyday objective. Keep a bowl of real oranges as a center table. Your food will look festive every day and will add a special aroma in the air. Enjoy the fire of a fireplace with peels of oranges, very near the fire, on the hearth, to create an atmosphere of home sweet home and eliminate all other synthetic, or artificial smells.

For this Christmas, I will eat much orange food, one of which is a lobster stuffed with spices and capers in a lemon sauce.

Enjoy your holidays and become friend with orange color, it will only help you vibrating positive energy.

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