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In my second book, Sins Of A Queen, I wrote that “Salt is the spice of food, attitude is the spice of life”, but in my designing business colors and fabrics are the spices of a home.

We have entered a new decade of a young millennium approaching style with a new gentle attitude. We are freer than ever to decorate in the most pleasurable way to our eyes and without following made-up rules. Yet every 30-50 years we take inspirations from past décor and fashion, turn it around and make it new again. Looking back in the past is nostalgic for those who have lived it and refreshing for those who have not yet. Who would have imagined that the hippies ‘70s era would have brought inspiration to imitate today!? Well, not really imitate it, but remake it into a new sophistication.

Today, looking at the ’70s means to take the psychedelic patterns, the bold colors, the vivid floral fabrics of that era and mix them with the contemporary style or even with traditional furniture. The objective is to incorporate without falling into the matchy-matchy syndrome.
I say, feel free to mix paisley with geometric lines, fringes with appliquéd designs or rich velvet, quilted pieces with leather pieces, masculine with feminine, but do it with a conscious style and taste.

The Bohemian style of this decade has a well-researched look, sophisticated, soft, gentle and vintage versus the jumble of colors and patterns of the ‘70s that went hand in hand with scruffy, casual and untidy fashion look. The Bohemian style is totally different from the Shabby Chic style, you might find vintage items and vintage colors and fabrics, but you will not find distressed and worn out items, only suggestions to the past.

Furniture of the Bohemian style is well-preserved even if they are from the ’70s, no chipping in the wood and in the varnishes. Leucite, bakelite materials and flowers in every color and shapes have come back. In homes a striking Bohemian color palette allows the browns, grey/silver, and Prussian blues to live together in a combination of velvets, tapestries, and 16th-century French prints. Opposite to these autumnal colors, the new Bohemian style allows decorating interiors in a younger dynamic way with pinks, oranges and dark blues or purples in an attempt to revive the vibrancy of the hippie’s fashion and rebellious colors.

(Natalie Quilt – The Company Store)

In a bedroom, bring a patchwork floral quilt with mixed floral prints pillows and set it against a heavy textured wall for a new chic. We will see beautiful and interesting stones on the walls again, such as bricks. I absolutely adore any natural stones! In the living room, add a bundle of colorful flower pillows to that beige tired sofa and watch life come back to the room!

(via Grand Bazaar, Istanbul (by Fraser Downie)

I prescribe Bohemian style in your home because it is comfortable, unpretentious, yet chic and refined. Walking down the street in a Bohemian fashion is a head-turning. Whatever ideas you have, I can help you put it all together, I am only an email away. From there, it is easy to develop a project through various communication channels that will not break your bank. Ciao,

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