Porter’s Chair

I saw this pair of dome chairs at the Art Mart Exhibition, in San Francisco. They are real antiques and soon a thought came to my mind:
“why people don’t get more funky furniture in their spaces?”

Antique Porter's Chair with leather back - Art Mart, San Francisco, CA

Antique Porter’s Chair with leather back – Art Mart, San Francisco, CA

I love to encourage my clients to be confident, trying something bold with drama and be different. Designing interiors with cookie cutters is boring. I don’t even use them when I make biscotti. A personalized interior must have an attitude, who wants to live in a house that looks the same as everybody else?
I encourage my clients to let their desires out and satisfy their personalities.

Where to find this chair? Restoration Hardware is one of the places.
It is called the Dome, The Balloon or Porter’s chair.

Historically, hall porters sat in this type of chair with a dome to protect him from drafty and damp halls of grand homes while on duty watching the entry doors and checking in high society guests of the house. The porter was expected to sleep in this chair and sometimes even ate his food there. Often the porter’s chair was equipped with a drawer below the seat where hot coals were placed to keep him warm.
He was the sentinel of his master’s house.

The dome chair was brought to the beach as a protection from sun and wind, as today we use market umbrellas. By the time the ’30s rolled in, the porter chair fell out of vogue, due to the invention of the first home heating. 

Netherlands - 1906 - Scheveningen Beach, near Hague

Netherlands – 1906 – Scheveningen Beach, near Hague


I like to have one with black leather back, or better a leopard back, red interior and gold trims. Today, these chairs have a new romantic appeal, they have found their entry in home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, and even restaurants. 

Antique Porter's Chair - Art Mart, San Francisco, CA

Antique Porter’s Chair – Art Mart, San Francisco, CA

Well, when I speak furniture and colors for my home, I have no rules. I allow myself to break them all and I feel good doing it. Ciao,


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