Three Moons Color Palette

Today, something special will light up the sky in the same evening.
A Full Snow Moon will happen around 7:33 pm, a Lunar Eclipse around 7:44 pm, both Eastern Time and the New Year Comet will arrive closer to the earth around 3:00 am Eastern Time. I read that this power cosmic event will purge 2016 lingering negative energy.

The Full Snow Moon will enter the sign of Leo, giving us the power to embrace our passions. Leo has fiery energy, good and bad, thus some of us will be pushed in positive changes and some towards tensions or conflicts. The Moon Eclipse releases negative emotions.

We live under the influence of the stars and their movements. Let’s use this passing of the three moons to purge all negativities, to find stability in relationships, to create abundance, to eliminate all the things that no longer serve us, to find our inner peace and to change our life for the better.

For this spectacular cosmic event, I have created a positive and optimistic color palette, which I named the Tree Moons Color Palette, composed of some of 2017 colors.
It’s a palette for a young woman’s bedroom. 

Bedding – 
Accent Pillows: West Elm – Zazzle – Overstock
Crystal Beaded Curtains: ShopWildThings
Furniture – Overstock

Red Dahlia furniture represents the fiery energy of Leo. I counterbalanced Red Dahlia with the color Greenery found in live plants and some pillows. Brilliant White of the crystal beaded curtains and some more pillows will add calmness to the room. I chose a Purple Haze and Smoky Grape bedding to encourage dreams of wealth, creativity, wisdom and peace.

Today, eat some purple food to toss the clutter of thoughts, invigorate your mind and third eye. 


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