Inspired By An Unusual Garden

Are you tired of cutting the grass in your garden or pulling weeds? I am. You might ask why I don’t hire a gardener to do all those boring jobs. I enjoy gardening and especially enjoy growing food. I think being close to the ground is very spiritual, aside from the fact that it is rewarding for my health, but weeding and cutting grass is such a waste of time.
I imagine there are many people sharing my same feelings. 

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(Above Barrel Cacti)

I have always known xeriscape garden is the way to go for my needs and my recent visit to San Diego Zoo reiterated that need. I am inspired again to create an organic landscape, where no water is required, except for the food I grow and no grass cutting either.

(Above: Cardon)

I want some tall plants to create architectural views and large leaf plants to create shady areas or provide privacy.

(Above Banana Leaves)

I want hardy flowers for colors, water and rocks to emulate the roughness of nature.

(Above Bird of Paradise on Driftwood) 

(Above: Aloa)
Rocks such as these are man-made with colored concrete and different compound, through which recycled water can run or create a cozy pond. 

I want no manicured lawn and finally, I want to add fun views with some animal sculptures.


If you want to frighten some friends, place one of these garden statuaries behind bushes or trees and watch what happens. (Swamp crocodile found at Design Toscano)

I want to create vignettes and every time I turn a corner, I want to see something different.
Although my inspiration comes from the lush vegetation of San Diego zoo, this type of low maintenance garden is easy to reproduce anywhere.
That’s my ideal garden, it’s called xeriscape my way and I can do it.

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