Meaning Of Landscape Stones

I was walking in the park this morning and suddenly I noticed these rocks, which have been there for a long time.

By looking at them, I remembered what one of my Japanese friends told me about landscape rocks:

* Vertical rock or soul-rock as it is called is interspersed randomly in the landscape.

* Body rock is a tall rock, which is placed towards the back of the garden. Being the tallest stone it protects the house and the garden. It also represents the Supreme Being of your choice.

* Heart rock is flat, almost like a stepping-stone and balances all the vertical rocks.

* Branching and Reclining rocks balance all forms and shapes in the garden vertical and horizontal.

* Rocks to avoid: are the broken ones and the Dead Rock, which are the long type.
The latter, if it is positioned horizontally, makes a figurative dead person.

Interesting isn’t it? I hope this will help you when designing your beautiful landscape. 


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