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Music, Space, Mind

Noise and sound are two different things. The sound is measurable information, which travels on a wave. Noise travels through the floor and bounces from the walls. Read more

Porter’s Chair

I saw this pair of dome chairs at the Art Mart Exhibition, in San Francisco. They are real antiques and soon a thought came to my...
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Himalayan Salt Plates

I have purchased a couple of this Himalayan salt slab. Everything cooked on the salt slab is delicious and so healthy. It’s a whole new experience...
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Just Do It

Wow, I finally made it. Checkmark to another one of my dreams realized !!! My first TV show production under the label of Valentina Design Universe was...
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A Curtain Of Balls

Last week, I was in Seattle for a couple of speaking engagements. I talked about colors, how colors can affect us, our life, our deep emotions...
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