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Time cannot be managed. Time is an abstract entity made to slip away. Days will run into nights and nights into days, every 24 hours there will be a new day and new activities. Activities, yes, we can manage easily, if we prioritize in order of importance or urgency. 

Let’s talk about home remodeling. Are you flipping through interior design magazines? Does the grandeur of the homes of rich and famous mesmerize you? Do Hollywood homes and royals homes impress you? Well, let me tell you, some of those homes shown in magazines are real, but most of the time they are staged and don’t exist. Finally, when you close that magazine, you might have a lot of wishes, or you might have a sensation of not being able to compete.  My impression, looking at grand homes, is a lack of soul.
Rich people have money and their designers spend it as they please. However, not always they decorate to reflect the personality of the people living there.  

You can have the same grand home only made for your dimensions,  your personality, and your lifestyle. People visiting your home will have a pretty good idea of your character, just by looking at your personal style. 

Now let’s talk about how you can save money and time when doing a restyling or remodeling of your home. Get a notebook with tabs, the same as kids use in school.
Write on each tab the name of what you are keeping a record, i.g. colors, architecture details, furniture style, drawings, sketches, window style, garden ideas, plants ideas, names of labors, prices, measurements, names of manufacturers, appliances, beddings, items that come from foreign countries and all that must make your home.

If you will hire a designer, that professional will know how to sort through all your ideas, wishes, and will know how to dance around your budget. The designer will know what is the direction you want to go and how your home will look when completed. Mind you, perhaps your notebook contains different styles, different eras, colors that don’t match and so on. Don’t worry a designer is trained to deal with complicated situations, complicated people, unreal desires and out of this world requests, he/she will navigate through all your choices, will give you the right solution you can effort and make the process easier especially for you. 

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Home Scrapbook

My personal home scrapbook

I made my notebooks for every home I purchased in my life, where I described everything I need to remodel or restyle each home. I collected pictures, drawings, colors, and all details to convey clear ideas to the labor working in my spaces. They appreciated the clarity of my ideas, the intelligent use of their time and I didn’t spend a boatload of money. 

Lighting Solutions

Lighting Solutions

Later, if I needed to do a paint touch-up, or replace a tile, I referred to the notebook to get the very same item.  

Fireplace Stone Solutions

Fireplace Stone Solutions

Sometimes, we get frustrated with life happenings and often the problem is only a self-inflicted drama. There is always a solution in life to everything, don’t let the small or big things bite you, because in nature everything sorts it out by itself. The same is in our life if we prioritize important activities.

During remodeling, you will get to see walls open, electrical wires exposed, flooring uplifted and windows covered with cardboard. Don’t worry, if you have done all pre-activities and researches in a diligent way, as I described above, everything will come together just as you had envisioned in your notebook.  Ciao,

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