2017 New Décor

Studying 2017 home trends décor, it seems there will be an overabundance of very modern mirrors and a lot of gold home accessories. I find shiny gold very pretentious, especially if reflected in mirrors, however, if it is done tastefully, one or two elements can be quite elegant.

(Above: Large glass mirror – Z-Gallery)

(Above: Tall glass candleholders – Z-Gallery – All photos taken with permission granted)

It may seem a bit cold to decorate with glass and mirrors and it is, you are right, but consider this:

Transparency is the beauty of glass, visually it makes the glass lightweight and natural or artificial light reverberates off of it producing millions of colors.  The eyes feast on so many colors and send a happy message to the brain.
You become happy!

Reflection is the beauty of mirrors. Reflect the fire crackling in the fireplace, or the wood carving of a chair, or the color on the wall and suddenly the décor does not look so cold, the beautiful items in the rooms are reflected many times as it is natural lights. Yes, mirrors function as windows, they open up space on the wall and receive all the light, giving the impression of having many more windows than the room actually have.
You become happy!

Decorating for your soul and not copying your friends is exactly what happens:
You become happy!

I wish all of you a splendid 2017 all the way through. 

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