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Noise and sound are two different things.
The sound is measurable information, which travels on a wave.
Noise travels through the floor and bounces from the walls.


Noises coming from outside into our living spaces or sleeping quarters cause disturbance to our human activities and disrupt our sleep. People exposed to noise pollution could be affected by psychological problems, stress, and high blood pressure.

The perception of a sound is very personal and it is based on the emotional state of a person. Someone playing a musical instrument emits a pleasant sound, but my neighbors playing marching band music at least once a week on a loud-speaker is noise to my hears.

A sound becomes noise when, for example, we are driving and hear something wrong with the motor of the car, a malfunctioning machine, a loud T.V., appliances in motion, noisy air conditioning or when we use a weed whacker. These examples and many more are sounds of negative perception, therefore we define them as noises.

I was in Seattle for business a month ago. I was in a hotel downtown for 5 days and every night, I heard police and ambulance sirens going all night. I heard people shouting in the street after a few drinks too many, I am sure. These were nocturnal noises I wasn’t used to hearing, thus caused me sleeping difficulties. Noises can cause anxiety and difficulty in falling asleep, frequent waking up while sleeping, changing in sleeping patterns from deep sleep to light sleep, just to name a few side effects.

To assure good quality sleep, the noise level in the bedroom should be between 35 and 45 dB (decibel) and no higher.

As I said earlier, noise travels through the floor and bounces off the walls. Isolating the floor is the first thing to do to soundproof an interior space from noises.
There are a few solutions to keep noises out, or to balance a sound. 
Cork floor, wood floor, and acoustic walls are excellent materials for sound-barriers.
Acoustic walls can be constructed of Styrofoam, polyester, polyurethane, or even egg cartons.

Window treatments, bookcases, rugs, pictures without glass, upholstered furniture, wicker baskets, long tree branches placed in corners and plants are materials needed to balance sound.

Music, Space, Mind will be the topic of my next TV show produced under my label:
Valentina Design Universe.  

Valentina Design Universe TV

Valentina Design Universe TV

My guest is an intuitive healer and a personal empowerment coach. She will talk about essential oils and how they help sleeping problems caused by external noises or by our brain activities (the voices in our head).  I call those brain noises “the committee in our head”.

Music, Mind, Space

Music, Mind, Space

In the photo:
Valentina Cirasola, producer/host (right)
Brooke Baggett, Intuitive Healer/Acupuncturist (left). 
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