No Mirrors Across The Bed

I am working on a new home project involving a master bedroom, refinishing the hardwood floor and adding modern colors on walls and furniture. The bedroom has a long wall of closets full of mirrored sliding doors across the bed. The client tells me the mirrored wall has been there for a quarter of a century.

If the room was decorated with antique furniture, heavy velvet draperies, intricate baroque mirror frames, shawls hanging over colored lamps and candles held on marble holders would remind me of a sinful, opulent and perfumed French boudoir, a place where to sin in elegance and that’s great,  but this room does not remind me of any French boudoir. The style of the room is modern and non-defined, furniture is outdated, shiny brass frames go around annoying mirror doors and nothing else.
To try to change all of this will be a challenge, but it is necessary.

Mirrors are a fantastic way to double the light and visually expand the room, but they reflect everything alive and moving.
If the person in bed is restless and sleepless will be reflected double in the mirrors, thus will be kept awake.
If the person is sick in bed, that sickness will be reproduced twice in the mirror.
If curtains are open and outside is winter and gray, vegetation sways under wind or rain, all that agitation will be reproduced in the mirror.
Intimacy with the partner…., well, you get the picture.

(Both doors  from Interior Door Replacement Company)

There are inexpensive ways to cover mirrored doors:
1. Glue on grasscloth to get the feel of nature.
2. Create some geometric design by masking and spraying paint frost over the mirror doors.

I doubt my client will want to do anything of this sort as a DIY weekend project.

The other solution is to get wood-framed doors or wood-framed doors with frosted glass panels. Prices vary according to taste and style. At Lowes, the frosted glass closet doors are affordable and very nice.

Lowes Closet Door Frosted Glass

(Both doors in the pictures are from Lowes)

Lowes Closet Door


I understand most people like to see the entire figure in the large mirror doors when getting dressed. I say move any mirror away from the bed and place it somewhere else in the room or adjacent spaces.


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