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The topic of the round shape is always a good topic for me. No, it is not about being round, which is not a bad thing, if one can carry it with grace. The round shape of today has to do with items in the home.   

The debate in my last remodeling project was about some square or circle shapes never seen in that particular home. Space was tight, the challenge was the dining room sharing the same floor with the kitchen. It was an open space, if it was a large room it would have been called a great room, but it wasn’t. It was just a dining area looking in the kitchen and vice versa. A round table was my solution for a few reasons: the kitchen counter was long and square, the banquette under a window seat, across from the kitchen counter was long and boxy, the credenza in the dining was long and square, too many long and boxy shapes, but those are the shapes that make most of the kitchens a container room. My solution was to break all the straight boxy lines by introducing the round shapes.

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Round Table & Molly Chairs

Round Table & Molly Chairs

In the living room of the same remodeling project, the sofa was long and bulky, the side chairs I choose were very square Mid-Century style, the TV stand was as long as the sofa, and the modern fireplace on the wall was a rectangular shape. Here again, I wanted to offset these straight lines with an imposing round cuddle chair and round side tables. 

Round Cuddle Chair

Round Cuddle Chair

For the large leather sofa, I would have wanted to see this double round, glass top coffee table, but it didn’t happen.


Contempo - double round coffee table

Contempo – double round coffee table

Leonardo Da Vinci designed the Vitruvian man in a square fitted in a circle, he looks perfectly balanced and in harmony with the cosmo.

(Photo: Luc Viatour)

The circle is a well-known convivial shape, it is the shape used in most business meetings and large eating gathering. A round table has no corners, sits more people, guests can talk to each other easily, without shouting across the table, no one is far away as it happens when we are seated at a rectangular table, and one can only talk to those four people sitting closer. The circle shape doesn’t have a start-end point, thus it represents unity and infinity. The etymology of the word circle says it a protective geometric shape. We refer to a circle of friends, a circle of influence, a circle as a club of élite people. It is a protective symbol, what’s in the circle stays in the circle and what’s outside the circle will have difficulties coming in.

The circle is the symbol of the sun, the planet, and the stars, its influence on humans is very strong.

I would like to entice and encourage all contractors and woodworkers to embrace the round shape, not only will make their work more attractive, but they will help harmonize someone’s home. Get off the square, do you hear me?

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