The concept of scale is to create spaces, which communicate with one another in harmony, with emphasis on a rhythm that we can call balance. This is what a designer does. Knowing how to plan a space, changes people’s life and energy. 

In the past, we put small furniture in small spaces and large-scaled in large spaces. Although this is still very true, large rooms are still decorated with furniture that fills the space to avoid the empty room appearance, small rooms have undergone a change of thought. Today is very common to see large or out of scale accessories in small rooms. 
A large chandelier today might be placed over a small sofa in a small space and suddenly the room does not seem small anymore.

A large wall clock hanging over a small console table will fill a small wall and tall candle holders will give the height your table needs to feel grand.

(Photos above were taken in Home Decor Shop in Los Gatos, CA by ©Valentina Interiors & Designs with permission granted)

(Photo above was taken inside Z Gallery store by ©Valentina Cirasola with permission granted) 

Your scale is how you perceive your world. Try to do things differently. Ciao,

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