Things That Create My Peace

Living in a peaceful home environment means different things for different people, we can all achieve it by revising a few things.
What would it be for you?

Bells – Legend says that every time a bell rings in the house, angels answer. I have placed strings of miniature bells near my windows, inside closets and near the most common used mirrors. I hear that sweet sound all the time and so do the angels.

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œil de boeuf with bells
œil de boeuf with bells

Colored Glass 
I saw this beautiful wall made of small colorful glass squares in a hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico and fell in love with it. I have tried many glass workers, the price to make a wall such as beautiful as this are outrage.

Wall of mosaic colored glass
Wall of mosaic colored glass

Fireplace that changes colors. Today, in most part of the world is prohibited to burn real wood, thus we turn to something similar that will give us that coziness of a real fireplace. I like the type of modern fireplace that changes colors. This particular wall fireplace I installed in a client’s home has small synthetic diamonds-like pebbles at the bottom. The fireplace is electric, it does produce a small heat when the flame is turned on, it reflects on the diamond pebbles, and changes into pretty colors with a remote control.

Lighting – Bunching up lighting in one corner of the room and adding mirrors around those lights produces a marvelous effect. I know the pictures shows a lighting store, I found it on Instagram rajeesoodhome, but the idea is fantastic for a home as well. As you can see the lighting fixture don’t have to match.

Round shapes – The circle is the symbol of the sun, planet, and stars and its influence is stellar. The yin yang symbol, we all know so well, is circular and it translates in duality with unified balance. At CB2, I found this semicircular desk made of white oak and natural rattan by Brett Beldock and fell in love.

Semicircle Table
Semicircle Table

Colors – are of the utmost importance to me anywhere in the home. I don’t like to eat or cook in a beige kitchen. Especially in the kitchen, I like to see colors of food scattered around. The seats must be comfortable and as bold as possible.

Colorful kitchen seats
Colorful kitchen seats

What can you revise in your home to make it as peaceful as you would like?
I am always here prompt and ready to help out if you get stuck. Just go to my contact page, put your information in the box and let me know what is your dilemma.

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