You Are The Glass

You are the glass – A pile of sand made you, strong but fragile, soft and malleable, sharp and smooth. You melt at the delicate touch of the forger. You face fire with courage as if nothing happens in that hot furnace. But something does happen. You become sensual, your curves are more sinuous than a curvy woman, you take on brilliant colors for the pleasure of your admirers’ eyes and you shape into a masterpiece. We want to possess you. We want to caress and feel you, we want to shelter your fragility, we want your shapes to embellish our life. You are the Glass” – From my drawers of thoughts.


This short poem came suddenly to me in my client’s house.
I was putting the final touches together, beautiful accessories, scented natural candles, shimmering crystals, skillfully decorated ceramic plates by French and Italian artists, colorful lamps and the glass peppers on the kitchen island. I fell in love with them.
They look juicy and appetizing in the glass form as they do in real life.
They vibrate healthy energy.


It took a bit of an effort to show this particular client that colors exude positive energy. Now she is totally into colors and even when she gets dressed, she asks herself if Valentina would love the colors she is selecting.
If the answer in her mind is NO, she will not put it on.


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