Himalayan Salt Plates

I have purchased a couple of this Himalayan salt slab. Everything cooked on the salt slab is delicious and so healthy. It’s a whole new experience to eat on the hot stone.
In a restaurant on the Amalfi coast in Italy, I enjoyed appetizers being served on a cold stone and some others on a pre-heated stone depending on the type of food served.
Some restaurants serve also the main entrée on hot stones. Food arrives at the table seared halfway, the rest of the cooking customers complete it at the table, the way they like it.
Pretty spectacular and fun experience!
This trend is spreading throughout the U.S. too. I have eaten at upscale restaurants in California where I delighted myself with an Argentinean Seared Flank Stake on hot slate flavored with chimichurri sauce. It was an enjoyable experience, cooking at the table with friends evolves in a pleasant conversation. 

On the Himalayan salt slab, one can cook just about anything, chicken, red meat, fish, cookies and serve chilled tropical fruit. 

(Photo below: Williams Sonoma Phoenix -wsbiltmorephx)

Below: Salt cone holder for roasting chicken  (All Photos: Williams & Sonoma)

William & Sonoma in its advertisement says:
“This plate is sourced from natural salt deposits found in the Himalayas. The dense crystalline composition adds complex flavor to all types of foods. Heat on the grill to sear seafood and meat, or chill for serving a selection of fruits, vegetables, and cheeses with a hint of salt.
Mineral-rich pink Himalayan salt adds delicate flavor to food.
Retains hot and cold temperatures evenly.
Harvested from ancient Himalayan sea salt deposits.
Heat on the grill to cook thin cuts of meat, fish, and shellfish.
Chill in the refrigerator to serve cold appetizers, cheese, sushi, and fruit.
Naturally antimicrobial and easy to clean.”

I purposely wanted to copy this part of their advertisement, as no one could have said it any better. I truly recommend the Himalayan salt slab. 
Price at Williams & Sonoma $31.96 – $39.96

Cooking at home must not be a hard chore. With the right items and gadgets, your cooking will become an unusual, fun experience and you don’t have to go out to enjoy a meal cooked on a hot salt slab. Eat well, eat in colors, experience new food, and your life will take a different vibration. Ciao,


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