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This new millennium has been characterized by colors, some even very hot and bold, such as Cayenne, Radiant Orchid, Tangerine Tango, Fiesta, Green Splash, Flame, Primrose Yellow, oh my, we had enough to create our own summer all year round, but people still live in beige homes and cook in beige kitchens. Hopefully this year we will see a change of direction.


Kitchen Appliances Colors New Exciting Trends – Source: Sebring-Services

Manufacturers are coming out with a few colorful appliances for homeowners who like to have fun with their homes. The new appliance colors are great for retro look décor and midcentury style. Here we are in the third millennium, instead of going forward with innovative ideas, we look back at ideas from the past when colorful homes were seeing positively, and people seemed to be happier. It is a sign that everything old is always new. Even in the depression time of the ‘30s the glass industry came up with colorful glasses, called the Federal glasses, manufacturers knew that in time of stress every little cheerful thing helps, thus created colorful furniture and accessories.

Pantone, the color Institute, declared blue the color for 2020. We will see a few kitchens in blue. Mind you, blue is an appetizer suppressant color, use it sparingly in the kitchen, perhaps as an accent on a few cabinets, or a few appliances. 

Elle Decor- bailey-austin-kitchentrends-2020- Laurey Glenn Photograpy

Elle Decor- Bailey-Austin-kitchen trends-2020- Laurey Glenn Photography

Kitchen backsplash, this year, finally climbs the walls up to the ceiling line. I was so tired to see the backsplash up to the cabinets, it looked so cheap. What beautiful materials are available now! We can create elegance while being creative and extravagant. Stones are back, especially bricks veneer, red, white and natural. 

metallic-glass- mosaic-tile-design-Hominter

metallic glass mosaic tile design. Source: Hominter

Railroad style backsplash has been seen to the point of boredom, now we can create our own style and free our imagination. 

Gina Sims

Gina Sims

Open floor kitchen communicating with a great room (living-dining-family) still prevails, although a return to some defined spaces is emerging. Colorful appliances must communicate with the rest of the room colors, but be careful not to create a mixture of colors screaming designer disaster. With an open floor plan, homeowners still like the feeling of indoor-outdoor space allowing them to entertain and cook in the garden or on the patio and use the kitchen as cooking support. 

Here you have it, four things to make a splendid colorful kitchen in this new decade.  

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