One Lighting Secret

We know how lighting is supposed to look in a home, bright and cheerful and we know that the functions of good lighting are task, ambiance, accent and decorative. If we take these elements and put them in the same space, we actually create a layering of lights or sculpting, as I like to call it. With different layers of lights, we can illuminate any space evenly and gives people a young fresh look. Illuminating objects, or points of interest from behind, bottom-up, top-down or eliminating dark corners, will give a tridimensional effect and depth.
We know that chandeliers, pendants and wall sconces are the jewels of lighting, which provide the sparkle for the rooms, but being on dimmers most of the time these items don’t provide much light.

Ambiance lighting created with diffusing light bulbs illuminates the ceiling, reverberates off of it and cascades down on walls and furniture. The feeling is warm and embracing, taking years off of people as well. The worst thing to do is not to pay attention to a ceiling with a particular design, exposed beams, or some decorative details. The ceiling is the fifth wall that closes “the cube” of the house, why not highlighting it with a spectacular light effect? If it doesn’t have any particular design, illuminating a simple 8ft ceiling with diffusing light, will give the illusion of being higher than actually is.

Once a beautiful lighting is done throughout the home, one more thing is often ignored: the exterior, it’s always in the dark. If the house has beautiful French doors leading to a beautiful garden, it is nice to be able to see and enjoy it from inside as well.

Exterior lighting can be in-ground light, moonlight, silhouette light, or a combination of all. Exterior lighting beautifies the landscape and it is also a deterrent to burglars hiding inside bushes. Just think, you go outside your kitchen to the recycling area in a total dark. Intruders can see you in an illuminated area, but you can’t see them outside. They wait for that perfect moment when you go out there to get in your home or to get you. This photo is self-explanatory, we can see the exterior being part of the interior and it feels safe.

(Permission granted by Lighting Designer Randall Whitehead)

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