The function of a mirror is not to tell who is the most beautiful in the kingdom. Yes, one of the functions of the mirror is, to tell the truth about our image and give us the opportunity to do whatever is necessary to fix before we leave the house.

However, if we talk about an interior, the function of mirrors is to reflect whatever beauty surrounds us and sometimes even repeats it to infinity depending on how mirrors are placed. If there is something unattractive, placing a mirror in front of it will only double the unattractive things.



In my world of design, reflections are very important, as they can make or break a perfect space. A mirror placed in front of a window or light source will act as if it were an additional window, it will double the light and open up the space.

A table or desk is never supposed to lay dead-end into a wall, meaning perpendicular to a wall, unless space is limited. If that is the only way to set it, to eliminate the effect of cutting the wall, place a mirror at the end of the table which lays on the wall to create positive energy and reflect the other side of the room. Be aware that the table or desk must be kept neat and clean, otherwise the exact contrary will happen, instead of reflecting beauty, mess and dirt will double in front of your eyes.

After a room has been decorated, take a handheld mirror and look at the room into the mirror, slowly, corner by corner. What your eyes have missed the mirror will reveal it to you. It is a fantastic practice to get all the details in order. Ciao,

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