Built-In-Redwood City, CA

“If it doesn’t exist, I will design it and produce it”

The fireplace of this room addition was standing alone in the middle of the room. It needed to be grounded with something embracing.
My design concept did just that.

I filled the center wall with a built-in unit to host all the media equipment.
Two rounded sides at both ends embrace the fireplace and close the walls.

The wood chosen is an exotic wood, but not an extinct species.
Two walls were faux finished in Old World patina, as client requested.

Click on each photo to see details

In my practice, before any purchase is made, both furniture and room lay-out are presented to the client with design concepts to scale such as this one shown above. Items to be purchased must be shown on floor plans to avoid expensive mistakes.

Check out the video on some of my designed and fabricated  built-ins 


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