Sheesham Wood

I am buying a home office desk for my new client, a delicate woman. I decided on this curvy, feminine style Sheesham Wood. The coloration of various wood planks and the curves are the reasons I was attracted by this table and my client is too, actually, she is in love with it.


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What is Sheesham Wood? 

The Sheesham or Indian Rosewood tree is the symbol of the Punjab province of Pakistan.
It is not a native to this area, but native to the area around the Himalayas. It was brought into Punjab to be cultivated for use as timber and for fuel for steam trains.
It is a much-prized tree used to make furniture, it is valued for its durability and the attractiveness of the wood grain. Other than decorative boxes and furniture, Sheesham wood is used in the construction industry, in the making of musical instruments, walking sticks and artificial limbs. The bark and wood ash are used to make dyes.
Some women use the sap from the leaves to lighten their skin color and to get rid of dark patches on their skin. The juice from the leaves mixed with honey is said to relieve painful eyes and if you were to drink 10-15 ml. of the juice it would instantly banish heartburn and indigestion. Ciao,

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