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Wow, I finally made it. Checkmark to another one of my dreams realized !!!
My first TV show production under the label of Valentina Design Universe was recorded live Friday, July 14, 2017, at KMVT 15, Mountain View, CA.

I have been on TV as a guest many times before, but never as the host and a producer. Being this the first show, I decided to appear on stage by myself to introduce the series.
A show of only 30 minutes without commercials seems a very short time, but once up there on stage, it becomes infinity. I had prepared the topic and rehearsed it many times as if I were reciting a script of a film. I thought, well…. 30 minutes will pass very fast. Jeez, I was so wrong! The hot spotlights pointed at me, melted the face make up in the first five minutes, making my face very shiny and reflective. Fortunately, the eye makeup stayed solid.


The topic was about GOLD – A Treasure Color. I chose it because I wanted to exude an aura of positivity, just like the golden light of the sun recharges our batteries. I explained why the golden light of the sun is important for both our emotions and physical being. Then, I went on briefly explaining how to decorate with gold and how to incorporate it into our clothes. I closed by saying how to activate and balance the golden chakra for those people in the audience who are into spirituality.  


The show was great and high energy ran through my veins. The crew assisting me in the production of the show was marvelous. It was the first time producing and hosting my show and wanted to be perfect, but perfection is achieved with experience. I had thought of producing my TV show for a year. Now, the time was right, I started it without fear and in total confidence. Perfection will come, I will learn as I go along producing the next shows. For now, the dream is coming true and that’s important. My motto has been always: “Just Do It.”


Working on TV and being behind the scenes is fascinating. I learned the language and gestures of the crew needed to communicate silently with the people on stage. The stage goes up and is taken down in a matter of a few seconds, the speed of preparation is fast, timing is tight, people operating electronics, light, sound, microphones, and cameras are synchronized to one command: “Quiet On Set” and “Talent Go!”.
Energy is high and at the end, when the curtain falls, it seems a train running a 1000 miles a minute, have come abruptly to a halt. What an exhilarating feeling!


My show under the label of Valentina Design Universe will run once a month every third Friday. I will invite guests with interesting topics in most shows and it will be fun. Stay tuned. Ciao,

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