Space Planning

Changing your space involves a few steps:

  • I require floor plans of the existing space if available.
  • I will take measurements of the existing space.
  • Will produce new concept drawings NOT to scale, perspectives and sketches based on notes taken during conversation with the client, or questionnaires compiled for a particular project.
  • Will submit my new concepts to client in colors or B&W.
  • Once client approves concept drawings, they will be submitted to the city for approval.
  • Meanwhile client will align contractors and labor to start the project.
  • Contractors will present their own timeline.
  • I will be always present on the job site until the completion of the project as the client’s representative and I will observe the development of the project,
    observe the crew, respond to all questions and resolve all the challenges.
  • At the end, your space is larger, updated to your needs, more functional, gained value and your life is transformed.

Selection & Installation

  • In my practice, I allow my clients to design along with me.
  • I will never impose my taste, in fact when people ask me what my style is, I always answer: “My style is the client’s style”.
  • My clients must be prepared to make decisions in the time I need and as I go along with other people working with me in making your home beautiful.
  • and accessories.
  • I propose, client chooses.
  • At installation times, I am always on the job with all the contractors and labor.
  • At the end, your home will reflect your personality, your colors and your lifestyle.
  • Consultation

    As a trained designer, I cover quite a broad spectrum of elements. My professional services from concept to completion of any project include:
    1. Designs of Interiors or Exteriors.
    Title 24, Structural drawings and lighting calculation ARE NOT part of my services.
    I devolve them to the appropriate specialists and trustworthy professionals.

    2. Design and development of Kitchens and Baths.
    3. Remodeling of any rooms.
    4. Space Planning Designs.
    5. Hard/Soft Materials and Finishes Selections.
    6. Stones, Floors and Iron Designs.
    7. Custom Furniture Designs. As I always say: “If it is not in the market, I will design and produce it”.
    8. Furnishing, Accessory Selections and Window Treatment Designs.
    9. Illumination Selection and Reflected Ceiling Plans. No Lighting Calculation.
    10. Model making to scale (when required) – In a large project, this process will save the client a boat load of money. All the flaws can be studied and fixed before starting the making of a large project.
    11. Landscape Design: Concept, Layout, Hardscape Selection/Design, Plant and Lighting Selection. No Lighting Calculation and No Land Assessment.
    12. Staging – I work with Realtors helping decluttering the homes for sale by adding harmony, studying a better interior flow, arranging furniture (many times I work with existing furniture), paying attention to small details and often adding a fresh coat of paint.
    In addition, I take care of the exterior beautification and curb appeal.
    After the house is sold, I help the new home owners understanding their needs in the new dwelling and work towards achieving their goals (only if new homeowner wants to work with me).
    13. Office décor and Space Planning Designs.
    14. Restaurant, Cafe’ and Bistro Designs.
    15. Hair Salon and Spa Designs.
    16. Professional design services for eco-friendly homes, workspaces and lifestyle.

    • I also offer consultations by the hours for clients with small projects who only need some ideas from the expert professional designer and prefer to develop the project by themselves.
    • Color analysis and consultations are also available for interiors and exteriors, including outdoor spaces and landscape.


    Fashion Services – Image Consulting


    Discover The Power of YOU Through Your Clothes

    Imagine walking in a room and lighting up that room with your style, a style that is unique to you, unique to your personality and have people wondering how you did it.

    Hi, I am Valentina Cirasola, Italian born designer. My family is composed of many artists in various fields, which were my inspiration growing up. Style surrounded me since the early days of my life. My mom was a fashion designer and owned her sartorial studio with lifelong clients. I studied fashion at the Academy of Fashion in Naples, Italy, not because my mom wanted me to follow her foot steps, but because I loved fashion. I became a fashion stylist-designer and merchandising specialist.

    I spent years after years designing private collections for high profile clients, researching fabrics, trimmings and new approaches to fashion, producing personal fashion shows in the areas I lived, decorating store windows, creating costumes for theatre plays, teaching comportment, style, even how to stand and walk on high hills, or use a little coquetry to add spice to life. As long as you understand who you are and your deep inner self, a little coquetry will only empower you more.

    During all of this, I was also studying to become an interior designer and I did.
    I made a happy career, became the most trusted interior designer in Europe and in San Francisco Bay Area and still going.

    My many years of experience in design business led me to offer consultations in both fashion and interiors. Through the years, my goal has been to transform people’s life by transforming living spaces and personal images with a great success. As a result my clients live in beautiful homes with comfortable spaces to nourish their spirit and mind, or have a stunning wardrobe to suits their personalities.

    I encourage my clients to find their personal style or colors suiting their personality, which are crucial to their professional success. Finding the right style and colors for their body shape will only increase self-confidence, even in people who are not professionals.

    How I work as a Fashion Stylist:
    First Step: Before starting any process of editing your clothes and the entire wardrobe, I will have a meeting with you to understand your goals and motifs you are hiring me. Please, know that it is not all about the clothes not fitting anymore, you might have other issues that challenge you, such as overspending, buying on impulse, wanting to “fit in” and getting the same items your friend has which often doesn’t look good on you, or small closet space, which we will address after the new clothes selection has been completed. Whatever your challenge might be, we will discover it together.

    Second Step: We will edit your clothes and wardrobe together. If a given item is still good, fits to perfection and you still like it, you will keep it.
    I will make new combinations for you with the clothes you have and show you new ways of wearing the same items. I will combine existing jewelry and various accessories in your collection with the new combination of outfits and everything will look so brand new.
    However, some items will need to be discarded, given to charity or sold and I will help you in that process.

    Third Step: I will shop for new items with you in stores for your budget, but I will direct you toward the best lines, shapes and colors that are only suitable to you. A piece of clothing doesn’t have to be tremendously expensive to look good, sometimes adding the right accessories will be sufficient to bring up the value of an outfit.
    Fashion dictates, I choose what to wear! With my help you will learn it too when you will hire me as your image-fashion consultant. It is not only one time consultation that will fix your challenges, it’s about learning from the master what works for you, how to dress your body shape, how not to be ashamed of your textures (wrinkles, lines, etc.) and what to do for a daily practice to look at your best in any moment of the day. It is a fun process to remodel your “façade” and empower you with your transformation.

    Working with me will change the way you look at clothes and you will own the principals to transform yourself and keep yourself on the “Style” path.

    “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman” ~ Coco Chanel ~

    Fourth Step: After the process of renewing your clothes and your style, your closet space might need to be revamped as well. Now, you can have everything in the right place, well organized, easy to access, in plain view and well illuminated. As a trained interior designer, I can redesign the actual closet space and have it rebuilt by professional trade people. This is a type of service no other designer offers.

    Find my Friday Fashion Blog here, if you like to visit it:

    Phone, or write me to assess your project. No job is too big or too small.

    I can be reached at:
    or by phone at:
    Voice 650-346-6349 – Tel. 408-732-9782


    Books I wrote and published:

    RED – A Voyage Into Colors – Second Edition
    is published and available on Amazon and BN

    RED-A Voyage Into Colors-2nd Edition

    RED-A Voyage Into Colors – 2nd Edition

    Watch the book trailer here 


    RED – A Voyage Into Colors

    Red Book Cover

    RED-A Voyage Into Colors – Author Valentina Cirasola

    Gauguin said: “Color is the language of the listening eye”.

    If we live in a home reflecting our personality, if we wear colors becoming to our face and body and if we eat in the rainbow, we can only expect to exude positive energy, which in turn will captivate our surroundings.

    With this book, I wanted to depict a colorful bouquet of information regarding home interiors, fashion and food, colors in astrology and celebrations, all the subjects that are dear to my heart.

    Find this book and more on

    or contact me 

    “IT’S RED HOT’
    Listen to my interview on Blog Talk Radio with Carra Riley

    Additional Services

    • Wardrobe Design and Image Consulting
    • Closet Space Design
    • Table Setting For Your Parties and Formal Dinners
    • Floral arrangements
    • Hanging Pictures
    • Placing accessories
    • Furniture Restoration
    • Home Staging