Be Friends With Your Closet

This is fashion seminar on colors, shapes and fashion dilemma or faux-pas.

Are you tired of the same look?
Do you often say: “I have nothing to wear”?
Do you want to gain self-esteem?
Do you want to look stunning anytime, anywhere?

This talk is for YOU and dinner is included

Join Valentina, Italian born designer at Gioia Italian imports for an evening of design secrets.

Valentina, interior and fashion designer will disclose secrets of the trade, how to dress for any occasion, how to determine what lines are made for your body shapes and what colors are perfect for you. YOU will be on stage as a protagonist.
Bring your fashion questions, your “getting dressed” dilemmas, Valentina will answer them. Valentina will study the body of each guest, spot your “get dressed” mistakes and find the best solution for you.

This is an evening of camaraderie, relaxation, friendship, learning about our bodies, meeting new people and share food-drinks in one of the most pleasant Italian environment away from Italy at Gioia Imports of Los Gatos.

At the end of the evening, you will be refreshed and renewed with knowledge of
“get dressed” practice that will accompany you in every moment.
After this class with Valentina, you will be able to shop confidently knowing that you will choose only the best clothes for your body, you will choose only the pieces and colors that look good and nothing else, leaving all the non-senses on the rack.

Price for entertainment and knowledge:
$85.00 dinner and drinks included

Where: Sept.29, 2016 – Gioia at Los Gatos, CA
Time: 4:00-7:00 pm