Virtual Color Services

Living in colors is beautiful and uplifting. We are much happier in a colored room than in flat colors with no dimension. Color energy heals and regenerates.
Get into yellows for a spot of sunshine. It doesn’t just lift your spirits, it also boosts your immune system.
Get into flower colors to benefit body-mind-soul, as they are all connected.
Get creative in orange color and its derivatives to benefit your sacral chakra. 
Get into green and turquoise colors to increase love essence and help your heart and thymus chakra.
Get into autumn colors to create a mosaic of all seasons.  
These are just a few examples of how colors work on human beings. 

Colors create shadows and highlights, they also create rhythm making the eyes very happy, which in turn send a happy message to the brain. Colors can make a person sick, or bring out the best of each personality.

Let me find your perfect interior colors that will establish a mood and create an ambience.
I don’t need to be in your home, or other spaces, the virtual color service I offer, helps you make a quick color decision. 

My color consultations are for everyone and every situation:
homes, offices, stores, restaurants and events.

This service happens via emails and Skype calls.

What you will need to do:
1. I will need your color photographs (jpg files) of the room or rooms you want to paint.
In your photos, please, add a title of the room I will be working on:
living, great room, foyer, etc.
2. Explain the existing style and décor of the room, or future style and décor, if it will change. 
3. A floor plan of the room will help me visualizing your space better and to understand the position of windows. The floor plan is not necessary, but if your room is included in an open floor plan, it will help me see the entire lay-out. If a floor plan is available, or you can sketch one, I like to have it.  
4. Tell me which region, state or country you live in, as the light in England is different than the light in California and which is the exposure of the room:
North, South, East, West. 
5. When taking a photo of the room, make sure furniture, accessories, flooring, artwork  and room details are all included. It will help me determine the new colors for the room. 
6. If I am creating a new color palette for kitchen and bath, in your photos, please, include your hard surfaces colors, appliances, cabinets, plumbing textures and surrounding areas.
7. Colors for details such as trim, exposed beams, baseboard, window sills, interior/exterior doors, niches, alcoves, kitchen/bath cabinets, will be considered as one room and compensated accordingly. 
8. If local clients require I visit the project, while using my Online Virtual Color Consultations, clients will be charge round trip miles from designer’s studio to client’s home. 
9. If projects grows from Online Virtual Color Consultations to other areas or becomes a larger project, it will be considered as a new event and will be described appropriately in a new signed contract.

What you will receive from me:
1. In my color composition, I will list my choices of colors and paint brands.
I will explain where the new colors will be applied supported by notes and arrows pointing to details if any.
2. After you receive my color scheme solutions, you must pick up the color chips from your local paint store, or even a smallest paint sample that you can paint on the wall and observe for a couple of days, during different hours. Colors react differently in the day or night and under natural sunlight or artificial light. 
3. If you like the effect of the new colors, I shall be very happy to see the final result, but if you like to adjust some colors, then I will create a second color scheme.  

The process is easy and in 48 hours you will receive your color solutions.
I will send you the link to my PayPal account where you will deposit your payment, with an added 3.5% for PayPal fee.
As soon as payment in confirmed, I will start to work for you, through emails messages and/or Skype calls. 

Price for virtual color service, no room decorating:
$ 95.00 (one room)
$180 (two rooms) 

Additional Color Services Available, no room decorating:
Entire interior and exterior home colors
Garden colors
Gate-fence colors
Repurposed furniture colors
Office Colors
(price will change accordingly to size of rooms, number of rooms and project type)