Clients Forever
“As an Art Director, I can tell you that the road from a mental picture to a realized layout and décor is a long one. Valentina can help you navigate through the curves that might catch you by surprise. Valentina analyzes the Client’s needs and desires, as well as their lifestyle. The Client’s dreams come true in the development of her final designs and one wonders how she did that. To many, that might be an element of surprise, but I can tell you she is a listener, an excellent communicator, and an interpreter of dreams.
Valentina is a designer of unusually keen foresight. She is a busy designer, but she makes sure any project is done in a timely manner. Valentina has been designing our homes in a variety of locations in Italy and abroad for over a decade. She treats every project with the same reverence and friendliness. I would recommend her any time, any place and we are her Clients forever.”
Oscar Paoli – Bruxelles, Belgium.

Your Admiring Client
“La casa riscopre le espressioni dell’arte, ritrova la memoria e le emozioni che solo gli artisti hanno il privilegio di tradurre in una sintesi figurativa. Valentina, you were born an original, you will not die as a copy”.
Luis Cassano – Bari, Italy.

Beautiful Realities
“Valentina did what we were afraid would be impossible. She turned our nondescript California bungalow/craftsman house into a beautiful Italian home. She created two design concepts that were both so beautiful we had a hard time choosing one over the other!
I would recommend Valentina to anyone. She was wonderful to work with – she listened to our ideas and looked at pictures we liked and then created two designs that were both so great we didn’t need to make changes to anything. She has a great talent for listening to her clients and turning their fuzzy, sprawling ideas into concrete, beautiful realities. She was very patient, attentive and responsive, always returning calls promptly and when she would leave a message she would clearly leave the day and time that she called along with the message. I loved that! Along with other examples of her work, such as her design plans, it showed me that she is detailed and precise with ALL aspects of the job; she shows the same level of attention to every step of the project and client relationship. So far we have used one company to complete the work that she referred to us and we are more than happy with her recommendation. She is also very willing to work with contractors that we had already chosen. Valentina takes pride in her work and the love for what she does is very evident. You can trust that Valentina will treat your project with the same level of attention that she would use for her own home. I wish our project was done already so I could post before and after photos but I didn’t want to wait that long to get the word out about Valentina. Whether you would like an Italian style home, something very modern, or anything else, Valentina has the talent to make her clients dreams a reality (She also does interior design, landscaping, lighting, kitchen and baths, space planning, custom-designed furniture, materials selection, staging, restaurant, and salon designs)”.
Hector and Robin Radillo – Client – Redwood City, CA

A Fairy who uses her pencil like a wand!
“We had just moved in our big house in Saratoga when our baby girl arrived, filling our days with joy and a lot, a lot of work. We just had no time at all to even think of decorating or remodeling, but being sick of using the moving boxes as chairs and tables, we decided we needed help!
Being Italian, it was pretty natural for us to choose Valentina as our designer since she spoke our same language. We found out she was able to speak our same language in every sense. I mean, she quickly understood what we had in mind, but we could not transfer it into reality and she did even more. She gave us even what we could not imagine, or dare to imagine. She was prompt, responsive, and attentive and helped us transform our empty, cold, anonymous dining, living, and family rooms into a space we just love to live in every day. Not to mention that working with her is a pleasure and a true amusement.
So, thank you, Valentina, for being a sort of fairy who uses her pencil as a wand!”
Annalisa and Simon Sabato – Client – Saratoga, CA

My husband smiles now
Vern and Joyce S. – Client – Cupertino, CA

You are an unrepeatable miracle
“My wife Robin and I wanted something elegant, yet everyday useful for our family room. We wanted a bookcase, storage cabinet and flat screen holder all in one. Valentina came up with different designs and with her advice and knowledge, we now have the most beautiful home entertainment center you can imagine (please ask her to show you in ‘Gentry’ magazine). She is intelligent, intuitive, and so very knowledgeable about her trade. She has excellent ideas and is becoming very popular very quickly. Simply give Valentina your ideas and she will transform your dreams to reality right before your eyes! Grazie Valentina! You are an unrepeatable miracle”.
Rich and Robin DeMartini – Client – Burlingame, CA.

She does it with taste and style
Valentina spoke to our Santa Clara Catala Club in September. Her topic was “Color Your World.” She did an excellent job of explaining the importance of color in our lives. She talked about color in our homes, in our wardrobes, in our gardens, and the importance color has in everything we do. She spoke well and inspired all of us to add a little more color to our lives. She made me realize that by expanding the use of color in my world, I could expand myself and think “outside the box” a bit more. She was a wonderful, inspirational speaker. Her topics are appropriate for any group, and her message is universal.
I enjoyed her talk very much and was so impressed with her message, she is now working with me on redesigning my home and bringing in some of her lovely colors. As a decorator, she is outstanding! She is truly professional, well-prepared, and communicates clearly. She works with me, and she is so patient and understanding as I navigate this new and exciting world of color.
She does everything with an excellent taste and wonderful style!
Jeannie Maham – Client – Santa Clara.

She has the patience of a saint
“I enjoyed very much working with Valentina. I had heard from others, that working with a designer is very difficult, but with Valentina, I found no truth in that whatsoever. On her first visit, she listened to what I was interested in, took measurements and pictures. She also gave me her input and suggestions of what might work out better, but she never demanded or forced any of it on me. The next step was the design on paper. It was beautiful. I never thought my kitchen could ever look like that. Valentina was very helpful throughout the whole project. She helped me coordinate the tiles with the granite and cabinets and hardware. Any time I had questions for her or needed her assistance in any way she was always available. She has the patience of a saint. I would highly recommend her to anyone who was in search of a designer. Valentina, thank you so much. I am very happy with my kitchen. It is absolutely beautiful”.
Ivana & Carmelo Iacolino – Client – San Francisco, CA

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
“Valentina is able to create designs with both a strong artistic sensibility and a clear sense of the practical uses for any space. Her specifications are works of art in themselves. She is excellent at working within the client’s constraints and in properly estimating the amount of time needed for any work. I hired Valentina as an Interior Designer in 2003, and hired Valentina more than once”.
Eric Lindberg – Client – San Francisco, CA.

Her home reflects taste, style, and creativity
“As a professional chef who was asked to cater a client appreciation party at Valentina’s home, I have seen first-hand her abilities. Her home is a reflection of not only her personal style but also, a reflection and advertisement for her talents. Her home reflects taste, style, and creativity I believe that if Valentina can design her home as she has, her abilities will be amazing for anyone who chooses to engage her for her design.”
Lena R. – San Jose, CA

Fashion and Colors 
“My best friend and I went to an event hosted by Valentina, in Los Gatos.  We were warmly greeted by the host and Valentina.  The focus of the event was fashion and color.  We learned a lot from Valentina and did appreciate the hosting of the event.  The conversations we had with her were geared towards getting us to look at things differently, with respect to color.  To try new things and not be afraid of combinations of colors we wouldn’t have used before.  It opened our eyes to see how our body shape determines the types of colors that best go with our styles.  I appreciate her guidance and advice.  I’ve already taken some of it into consideration for some early holiday shopping.  Everything turned out great as she had suggested.
Would gladly attend another private event again in the future.”
FaithLinh R. – San Jose, CA

A project developed “on line” – Disegni molto belli!
“Carissima Valentina,
sono entusiasta dei disegni che mi hai mandato…veramente molto belli!
Userò molti particolari e li adatterò alla mia piscina…. sperando che l’impresa di costruzione sappia realizzarli al meglio. La bella fontana non penso di averla vista in giro ….. o meglio…esiste ma in terracotta… vedrò se si può adattare, per il resto…grazie tantissime…ci risentiamo quando avrò realizzato il tutto.
In attesa, ti invio gioiosi saluti
P.S. Non hai bisogno di chiedermelo di pubblicare i disegni….ne sono felice….. del resto è IL TUO LAVORO e vale la pena farlo vedere”.
Client – Rome – Italy

Valentina delivered exactly what I was expecting
“A referral from my employee who was a member of BNI led me to Valentina Interiors & Designs. Valentina is so upbeat and positive. She also makes the process very easy. She helped me make my office look more professional and helped keep the sun from making the office too hot during the day. We are enjoying the window treatments. The office doesn’t get so hot in the afternoon, we can close the blinds and still see out. The office looks much cleaner and updated with the new treatments. Valentina made the process so easy. She listened to exactly what I was looking for and only brought options that fit what I wanted. Every worker she sent showed up exactly when they were supposed to. Valentina also made sure that the options she brought fit into my budget. I will definitely use Valentina again for my next remodel. She delivered exactly what I was expecting and she was great about follow-up”.
Suzette Elliott – Business Owner – State Farm Insurance – Sunnyvale, CA

A dream of years to become a reality
“Working with Valentina allowed a dream of years to become a reality. Though I’d wanted a new kitchen, the limitation of space and budget did not allow for it. Valentina’s recommendations for replacement hardware, new paint colors, and simple window treatments allow me to love my kitchen like never before! Her perseverance paid off in being able to find hinges that would fit my unusual cabinet dimensions, while simultaneously providing a welcome face-lift to their aging appearance. I couldn’t be happier with the room I spend endless hours in, and am proud to welcome friends and family into the heart of my home!”.
Betsy – Client – Burlingame, CA

Valentina can easily communicate
“I have been in the architecture and construction market for more than 25 years, and I have been working with a few great consultants and Valentina is one of the best interior designers.
She’s very prepared, a good project manager, and can easily communicate with clients, vendors, and contractors. Valentina is able to balance different designs and create a very elegant and sophisticated home. She is the right person for your interior project.  I would highly recommend her services.”
Alfredo B. – San Jose, CA

We did not even have to make the trip to the nursery!
“I met Valentina in San Francisco a Small Business Association’s Event. My immediate reaction to her was extremely positive. After exchanging greetings and careers, it was obvious to me that she was the person I was looking for to assist in decorating my new home.
As agreed we met several times so Valentina could understand our lifestyle and our requirements. She shared and tested some general ideas with us but never forced her own style upon us.
Our decision was to initially proceed with the backyard landscaping project. Valentina’s conceptual designs certainly captured the essence of what we were trying to create. After some modifications, we consummated the deal and proceeded to move forward.
Valentina accompanied us to every single purchasing event to ensure we selected complementary colors for the stones and lighting. Additionally, Valentina selected all the plants, delivered them, and placed them in their planting spots. We did not even have to make the trip to the nursery!
Valentina also oversaw the project from start to finish. She supervised the landscaping crew to ensure that the work was done as outlined on the designs. Even when last minutes changes were made, she was able to overcome the challenges presented.
The final product is a beautifully landscaped yard which requires minimal maintenance from us”.
Jim and Maria Bradfield – Client – Dublin, CA.

La Dolce Vita!
“Valentina worked with my husband & I this past summer in designing a great room (inclusive of a kitchen, dining area, bathroom & family room). Valentina’s vision for our Italian-inspired kitchen was solidly based on her living experience in that beautiful country. Her resulting design mirrored the way Italians view things: form and function work together to make life beautiful, welcoming, and sweet – La Dolce Vita! Beauty and function together….not one more important than the other.
Valentina’s design work was able to take me back to the days of cooking with my Nonna (complete with a pasta-making station!) and was also fondly reminiscent of my own summer visit to relatives in Italy and the beautiful sights I recall so often – stone, granite and warm woods all providing a lovely backdrop to a wonderful experience. It was all just what we wanted. I love to cook and I am grateful that she gave me such a beautiful kitchen to create in.
Valentina is a pleasure to work with. She is warm and friendly, but also a consummate professional. If you also happen to speak Italian or just appreciate the culture, you’ll enjoy working with her even more; she is lots of fun, too!
Thanks for everything you do to make this world a more joyful place, Valentina. You are one reason that my life has become “La Dolce Vita!” I’m very excited about your book!
Grazie, Valentina!”.
Steve and Nadine Fletcher – Client – Redwood City, CA.

Style Emergency
“I feel very strongly that Valentina has helped me tremendously!
My house was in a situation of the “style emergency”: it had no style, no color, no character, and no warmth. Thanks to Valentina’s refine taste, understanding of the customer personality, and intuition, my house went under an extreme makeover and now it is and it feels a home and at the same time, she gave it a boost to experience wining and dining in style. It is exactly what I wanted”.
Svetlana Kostikova – Client – San Carlos, CA.

Style and Quality!
“Valentina represents style and quality! She is passionate about her work and professional and dedicated to her clients. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs assistance in the interior, exterior, and/or landscape designs”.
Yulin Lee – Opes Mortgage Advisor – Palo Alto, CA.

Ammiro molto il tuo lavoro
“Viste le foto e visto il tuo bellissimo progetto per la trasformazione radicale dell’esterno, di sicuro verra’ da te trasformata in ogni suo minimo dettaglio che rapparesenti in tutto e per tutto lo stile mediterraneo.
Lo sai da tempo che ammiro molto il tuo lavoro e la tua creativita’……i miei piu’ sinceri complimenti. La tua casa non si trasformera’ in BELLA ….ma in BELLISSIMA, e che questo e tutti i lavori che verranno possano darti le piu’ grosse soddisfazioni.
Per me il bello della giornata e’ stato gia’ il poterti rispondere al topic. Buon Lavoro”.
Lello Lauria – Mechanical Engineer – Naples, Italy

I especially enjoyed her talent
“The Internet lead me to Valentina. I called Valentina for a design consultation. I especially enjoyed her talent to listen to her clients’ need, her patience, positive attitude, and her professionalism. Valentina continually presented many options and ideas to achieve the perfect design for my home.
I have absolutely implemented her suggestions. She gave me that push to decide on something and I am happy that I did. To another homeowner considering using Valentina Interiors & Designs, I would say they made the right decision. They will be very pleased with Valentina’s extensive experience that will make any homeowner happy and satisfied.
Doreet Schneider – Client – Sant Clara, CA

A “Valentina home” is empowering
Valentina, you are a very talented, passionate, and caring artist, you live to fulfill your dreams, and alas, not to push paper!
Living in a beautiful “Valentina home” should be empowering; it should make one feel good about life each and every day! A true reflection of how well we choose where and what we are in life. Remember, we all have a choice!
Dr. Jamie Lucia, Chiropractor – Los Altos, CA

Tailored Solutions
“In my kitchen and living room, I look forward to different times of the day and weather. For instance: on Sunday when I first wake up and go downstairs to make coffee, the light streams in through the window where I have blue bottles. I love that stream of color.
Around 5.00 in the evening my walls are so warm that all of the reds and golds come out. I love that feeling. Each of my lamps reflects differently on each color of the walls. These are rooms with life. Almost like old trees that look different with each season. It takes special people to see it and appreciate it”.
Mary Taylor Byrd – Client – Owner of Tailored Solutions – Fremont, CA.

Outstanding Artistic Gifts
“I have known Valentina for the last three years. She is a person of many outstanding gifts. She has a capacity of realization and she is tenacious in doing it. She will do everything her rich mind presents to her. For the last three years, I have known her, she has fulfilled her goals while she dreams of many new ones. Respectfully”.
Annamaria Quattrin-Kusber – Artist – Woodside, CA

“What can I say about Valentina? She is WONDERFUL !!!
Her keen sense of color and style gives new life to any room.
I would not hesitate to recommend her skills and professionalism to anyone who seeks a different concept in home design”.
Elizabeth Kosuth – Client – Clifton, New Jersey.

She is excellent at her work
“Valentina is a very creative and innovative designer. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of an Interior Designer. She is excellent at her work, and always maintains the utmost professionalism, good attention to detail, and is so pleasant to work with.”
Rami W. – Inikosoft – Los Gatos 

Pursanova Says:
“Valentina, you have talents that are a rarity. I look at your work and wonder how you were able to come up with such beautiful work. Your designs are very unique, and you have an eye and taste that is a Gift”.
Vatche’ Keuftedjian – Pursanova – Water Filtration System Supplier – Burlingame, CA.

Reviews for my webinar to designers
Here are a couple of comments from participants in the webinar
“Valentina, I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and experience with other designers. It is so helpful and I know they will benefit greatly”.
Gail Doby – DSU Chief Vision Officer – Denver, Co

Participant in the study course says:
“Hi Gail, I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed Valentina’s webinar. She was really knowledgeable and interesting. What a great attitude! She was a perfect choice to give designers a positive attitude in this economy.
Katherine Kesler, ASID President

Her wonderful design perspective
For those of you who need a great design firm… here is a friend who is passionate about life and interior design… her Italian heritage gives her a wonderful design perspective which she’ll bring to your next home, remodel and more… get her new book as well… ciao!”
David Chaney – CEO/CXO Solution – Los Gatos, CA

Knock ’em Dead
“Dear Valentina:
I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks! You wouldn’t believe how many compliments I’ve gotten on my clothes, particularly the wonderful suit you designed for me. Every time I wear my things people ask me where I find such unique and special garments. I always tell them about you. Valentina, thanks again for the lovely clothes. I can’t wait to see my black skirt paired with the jacket. I know I’ll have another “knock ’em dead” outfit”. Regards”.
Sande Lewis – Client – Virginia Beach, VA.

Thank you for being who you are!
“I know Valentina through a networking group. Her impeccable taste and dazzling personality is a great addition to her professional qualifications. I will be delighted to recommend her to anyone!
Valentina, thank you for the contribution you make, for all those big and little things you do that really make a difference whether or not you know it! Thank you for being who you are!”.
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative
Olga Ortman – American National Insurance – San Jose, CA.

The Ivy Group
“Valentina is one of the best designers I know. She is articulate, experienced and her style is one-of-a-kind. Check out some of her sometimes. You will not be disappointed”.
Tim Vi Tran – Principal Partner The Ivy Group – Fremont, CA.

I would love to take a class from you
“Dear Valentina:
Thank you for speaking at my “Introduction to the Fashion Industry” Class on Saturday and again in my “Fashion Industry” Class. The information that you presented was so creative and exciting and your manner of sharing was perfect. The students and I appreciate the time that you gave to come to talk with us. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and speaking manner were excellent. The class really loved you and your work. I do hope to study Fashion Illustration from you when we can both make the time. Please keep in touch and let me know if there is some way that I can be of help to you. I would love to take a class from you someday. Good luck. I know that you will succeed in your fashion business in this country just as you have in Italy. Sincerely”.
Ronda Chaney – Teacher of Fashion Design Classes – Canada College, CA.