The Road To Top Of The World

I did it again! I wrote and published my fourth book: The Road To Top Of The World.

This book is totally outside my design profession because we cannot always talk about work, we must have fun in whatever we do in life and in whatever endeavor we decide to engage. 

This is a travel narrative of one trip To Puglia I organized with American friends and curious travelers willing to explore, learn, experience, taste, dream in a land they had never visited before and in a language totally foreign to them. A wheel of new emotions opened up before their eyes, they tried food didn’t even know existed, learned to cook in ancient kitchens; they learned to appreciate the nightlife, learned to live without phones, watches and technologies;   copied Italian fashion, learned about traditions, rituals, country, and folk celebrations; they all tried to learn local dialects and some succeeded well. Their perspective to life was forever changed.

The Road To Top Of The World - Author Valentina Cirasola

The Road To Top Of The World – Author Valentina Cirasola

The Road To Top Of The World is now available on Amazon
Please let me know if you read it and want to leave a review on Amazon. 

(Banner photo: Bari by Gianni Scagliola) 


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