Vanity is the pride we have in our qualities, abilities, and achievements we make through life and the pride we should have in our appearance. However, this is not the type of vanity I am referring.
Before the invention of indoor plumbing, a bathroom was equipped with a chamber set called the vanity. It was a bowl and a pitcher on a wood stand with a mirror attached to the top and towel bars on each side. The bottom part of the stand usually stored a chamber pot. The set was kept in the bedroom, as the bathroom did not exist yet. Warm water came from the kitchen and was poured into the pitcher. That was the ritual of daily ablutions between a weekly or monthly bath. According to beliefs of past centuries “the bark stayed better on the skin”, therefore to prevent diseases from penetrating a clean skin, frequent baths were not a common practice. Imagine that!

Those vanity sets today are highly collectible with a high price, even though their functionality has been relegated only to decorate a bedroom or bath, just to add an antique charm to the room.

In my trade language as a designer, vanity is considered a small counter with an under-mounted sink, or in modern décor, it is a vessel of any material that sits on top of the counter. Vanity sink designs today are endless. You don’t need a huge budget to make a pretty vanity, just need a little fantasy to build one with the most unusual material and show off your personality. Vanity counter might be for one or two people in large bathrooms, or even separate counters for him or her in the same space.

A powder room is a convenient room to do small and quick tasks, mostly used by guests. Being small rooms, don’t need to have a standing counter with a sink and one can splurge on expensive material. For powder rooms, the best application is a freestanding pedestal with an important vessel on top. It will dress up the room beautifully.
I have used the large shell vessel for one of my projects. (Photos below: Horchow).


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