Tuscan – Rustic Style Kitchen

This might not be the usual kitchen we see everywhere, but if you long for an Italian country style kitchen, possibly in the Tuscan style, this is how to do it.

(Photo credit is given to the owner – Source: Italian home magazine)

The kitchen industry in Italy is proposing this traditional Tuscan style as the new look for kitchens. It wants to replicate the grand-Maman “Old World” kitchen.
This type of kitchen set in the past was intended for family cooking where the primary need was to feed the family without worrying much about staining counters or abusing the kitchen for over-usage.

History repeats itself and now the industry is proposing it again.
The only wood showing are the doors, the walls make the frame of the cabinets.
Appliances need to look rustic, thus are never made of a shining material, or are covered with the same wood of the cabinet doors.
Backsplash and surrounding walls are decorated as people please with tile designs, natural stones, or faux paint finishes.
Flooring is generally done in the typical “cotto” meaning terra-cotta tiles.
Antique style lighting fixtures disguise modern LED lighting.
Traditional Italian style wood windows with “persiana” shutters complete the décor.
Let’s not forget the highly decorated and colorful plates from Deruta to go with the stocky, round belly jugs of wines.

Voilá!  The kitchen is ready to receive all the aromas of lusty Italian food and the fragrance of Tuscan land. Ciao,

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