Color Your World – Speaking at Berkeley University

Feb.12, 2016 – Berkeley University – Italian Section Club  – Berkeley, CA

Time – 11:00am-2:00 pm
Valentina is on stage talking about “Color Your World” .
Book signing at the end: ©RED- A Voyage Into Colors.♢

The audience made of 30 gentlewomen responded well to colors, in fact, they all came dressed in colorful clothes. It was surprisingly pleasant for me to see the wonderful expression of colors in their outfits. Usually, I don’t get to see that many colors in an audience.
I explained why colors inspire us and why we should wear them.
I talked about certain colors I consider “boring” but useful nonetheless and what to do with them.
I informed how to use colors to our advantage.
All colors are beautiful and important in their functions, we must know how to use them in the right context, at the right moment, in the right season and how to create a rhythm with them.

Val Speaking


Some reviews of that day.

Berkeley Review

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