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I am wondering if people ever ask or know the difference between a decorator and a designer. Here is the difference:
A decorator might have a fifth-grade education, with a great sense of beauty that can put to use to decorate all the homes and spaces he/she is allowed to do.

A designer has a degree in design and/or architecture, goes through long years of studies, exams, and qualifications. Not always a designer is called to decorate a home. Often is hired to design the concept of remodeling spaces. A designer can design homes with concept drawings to scale, can design furniture and have them produced custom-made. A designer takes down walls to enlarge spaces and creates new spaces. He/She can design an electric system and placement of lights, but not the light calculations. He/She specifies windows and doors, selects all hard and soft materials from plumbing fixtures to curtains, from flooring to kitchen cabinets and every possible mechanism that goes inside.

Work as part of décor

Work as part of décor

The decorating part is the cherry on the cake that will beautify any space. A designer is also skilled in using and reusing furniture/accessories already existent and is skilled in dancing around clients’ budgets.

A designer becomes a psychologist when is working on a client’s home, knows how to interpret clients’ needs and desires, never imposes his/her taste on the clients, but just as an orchestra maestro, knows how to direct and channel all the choices towards the most beautiful solutions, suitable for the client’s personality.
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